Based in Vancouver, BC, our team specializes in working with organizations on their branding, marketing, and ad campaigns. Through their years of experience, the 323 Media Marketing team is a mix of employees, contractors, and highly vetted vendors to deliver a full-service marketing experience. Often seen as an on-demand marketing department, the team is ready to help accomplish all of your marketing goals.

Focusing on long-term brand building exercises, our team thrives when working with brands that are ready to grow their business. We believe all efforts lead back to the building of the company, whether that means increasing brand awareness, gaining new business or engaging with target audiences.


Beyond your logo, the look, content, and positioning of your company are extremely important. Getting traction on the right channels is required so your brand can outperform competitors. Our team spends time understanding you and crafting a story that communicates your message. Developing assets that fully embody your company, create a voice and connect with your target audience is an on-going task as your story continues to unfold.


Every channel, both traditional and digital, are monetizing by offering companies opportunities to engage with their audience. Our team is familiar with audience profiling and maximizing exposure on all platforms to stretch each advertising dollar and craft a message to outperform industry averages. Data is provided on all campaigns to monitor results and refine for future promotions.


Online positioning and performance are more important than ever before.  Potential customers are searching and comparing before engaging with businesses. Existing clients are interacting with businesses between transactions by leaving reviews, giving referrals and sharing content. Being in a position to leverage current trends is what we do for clients to increase their brand awareness and convert prospects into new clientele.

Better Marketing Starts Today

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