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Marketing for the Automotive Industry

Knowing that many of your new clients will find you when in need, we typically start with recommending a Local SEO package that focuses on the situations your services can remedy.
When potential clients are intentionally looking for your services, the goal is that you appear as a relevant and accessible option for them.
Local SEO for the Automotive Industry focuses on the following tactics:
  • Website optimization
  • Additional Content
  • Directory optimization
  • Google My Business optimization and management
  • Managing reviews and review sites
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    Expanding on top of Local SEO requires developing your site to have a robust content marketing plan that is focused on capturing leads and marketing automation. You can keep working with your existing clients while our technology fosters new leads until they are ready to come in for an appointment or to speak to someone directly.

    Content Marketing focuses on the following for Companies in the Automotive Industry:
    • Case Studies
    • Explanations of services
    • In-Depth FAQs
    • Consistent Blog Posts
    • Appointment Booking
    • Automatic Appointment Reminders
    • Automatic Follow-up
    • Sales Funnel with Lead Magnet
    Having confidence that traffic on your website will turn into leads is covered with our robust Local SEO, website design, and Content Marketing packages. To gain more traffic, we focus on organic and paid strategies to bring more potential clients to your website.
    • Social Media Management & Engagement
    • Social Media Advertising for Facebook & Instagram
    • Google & YouTube advertising
    • Programmatic Display with Dynamic Creative
    • Email Marketing
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