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Marketing for the Real Estate Industry

Many of our marketing principles are similar to building a building – your brand is the foundation, and depending on how it is structured, it naturally leads to other marketing tactics. We love the building industry and working with architects, construction companies, developers and Real Estate brokerages. We focus on bringing marketing expertise and guidance through all phases of development from land concepts and end-user profiles to creating proper experiences for homeowners receiving the keys to their new home.
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 a model of a  big modern building
We are either engaged for a specific set of tasks, a consultation project or included as an extension of a development team offering a full suite of marketing and consulting services.
Our team has a unique combination of skills related to the development of new construction projects that are residential or mixed-use. Our experience includes projects from land acquisition to key turn over in many communities in British Columbia. These projects have consisted of various product types such as townhomes, wood-frame condominiums, and concrete high-rises.
    Our service packages can include:
    • Strategic Marketing Leadership
    • Development Consulting and Consultant Engagement
    • Direction and Management of Creative Services
    • Management and Coordination of Marketing Asset Production
    • Homeowner Lead Generation
    • Active Marketing
    • Sales Centre Design
    • Direction of Video, Photo, and other Visual Assets
    • Brand Development and Graphic Design


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