Search Engine Optimi-zation

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    Our Search Engine Optimization packages are all-inclusive and scale depending on the volume of content you have on your site and how much you will be adding over time. As the website is improved and crawled by search engines, we should start to see the effects in the first three-to-four months and increase from there. The process is designed to be on-going and to facilitate a steady increase in traffic.  
    Website optimization is both an upfront overhaul and an on-going responsibility for ranking highly on Google, being easily found, and quickly recognized.  
    Technical SEO is applied on the website side and off-site to help gain domain authority and build relevance.
    On-site, the focus is on improved user-experience so anyone who comes to your site can quickly find what they are looking for and convert.
    On-Going Maintenance and Updates
    All updates are automatically handled by our team. A posting schedule can be developed for blog posts that are relevant and focused on keywords relating to your business to match any press.
      The Process
      • Website Audit – a comprehensive audit to establish a baseline of where your website is currently
      • Competitor Positioning – analysis with a focus on your most immediate competitors
      • Task List – improvements to be made from a technical and on-page SEO perspective
      • Search Opportunities – using Google as a guideline, identify opportunities for website updates and content to match what is being searched for
      • Recommendations – a roadmap of where the website can grow and leverage search terms
      • Update Site Architecture – create a more organized layout of content for search engines to crawl and user navigation
      • Improve User Flow – improve the user experience from first impression to generated lead
      • On-Going Maintenance and Monitoring – ensuring site function is strong and matching best practices as Google’s algorithms change
      • Additional Content – in-depth information about your services, blog posts, and landing pages designed to improve user experience

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