323 Media Brand Network

Our competitive advantage is understanding how to merge digital and physical products to fully optimize user experience. By combining our traditional media experience (magazine, printing, broadcast) with our digital marketing expertise (content marketing, SEO, site architecture, mobile-first, UX), we add value for our audience by offering a different approach to content and engagement.

Chasing Par

Combining a complete Canadian Golf Course Directory with golf tips and course reviews, Chasing Par is designed to connect more players with the golf courses in their region/city and opportunities to play. There are plenty of players out there chasing par and this gives them an opportunity to share their golf stories and experiences, and talk about their course/club/facility.


Enjoy the Drive

Car culture goes so far beyond the vehicle. There is the experience behind the wheel, the adventures and the journey of customizing your ride. Rallyhaus celebrates the enjoyment of your car – from the best products to the best drives. We’re building a car culture community and taking them for a ride.

The Greatest Collection:

Beach | Mountain | Getaway

The trio of websites that curate the best destinations for beaches, mountains and cities with guides for travel and adventure. No matter if you’re travelling with friends, as a couple or with family, The Greatest Collection compiles the best details a location has to offer and delivers the travel guide you’ve always wanted.

Coming Soon

City Kiddos

A resource for parents that curates places and events that are kid-friendly. Showcasing the best a city has to offer for parents looking to connect and find places their kids would like in their area. Opening up the directory for kid-friendly businesses, City Kiddos aims to be a guide for parents to plan their family activities.