Get More Engagement With Your Best Customers By Hosting Marketing Events

by | Nov 15, 2019 | Marketing

Utilizing events to host your best customers is a way to create experiences that aren’t otherwise available. One of the side-effects of e-commerce growth and direct marketing is that everything feels available at your fingertips. Standing out from the competition isn’t as simple as a cool pen or a unique giveaway, it takes something that is more exclusive, practically unattainable.  The best part, these are marketing events that showcase your brand!

	 Get More Engagement With Your Best Customers By Hosting Events

We have grown up in an era of television coverage of big events that had a red carpet and were “A-list” only on the guest list. Yes, we’re thinking about the Oscars, Emmy’s, Met Gala and others that have a full row of paparazzi covering all of the fashionable trends for magazines, newspapers, radio and tv shows. This feels like it’s the polar opposite of things that you do for your business to get publicity, however, we can leverage this idea to build more loyalty with your best customers.

It’s not about having an event that is Paparazzi worthy, keep your events an authentic part of your brand

How to leverage events to increase loyalty and gain referrals

Marketing events for your top clients are great ways to give back and stretch the dollar invested per person. Utilizing your customer list, you could probably fill a room to celebrate almost anything. The right people in the right room lead to further conversation about your business and lead to referrals. Taking into account who you should have at each of your events requires defined criteria – it could be top-performing clients or employees, potential prospects or influential people from your industry or area.

Here are some ideas for events that you could host:

  • Fundraiser for a Charity that you Support
  • Celebrating a milestone in your company
  • Launching a new product or service
  • Celebrating the top achievers in your organization
  • Rewarding the accounts that have grown in the past year
  • Throw a party for your top clients on any holiday
  • Invite prospects to a fun, seasonal event
  • Make a point of throwing your company a birthday party each year

Start Planning Your Event Today with set outcomes in mind. Sometimes the best outcome is the time spent with each other and raising money for a cause you believe in, while others might have specific goals to hit in your sales funnel. Being upfront about the outcome can also help plan a better event and set your guest’s expectations.

How to leverage events to increase loyalty and gain referrals