The Five W’s and One H: for Website Content

by | Oct 31, 2019 | Content Marketing

Every website needs a platform of good content to start generating interest before it can even think about converting leads. While it might seem like a website is a whole new world of writing, coding, and design, the best sites are rooted in a foundation of good user experience. A good (or great) user experience always includes the ability to write effectively and communicate with your website’s visitors.

Good website content revolves around defining the Five W’s and One H; Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How.

First, let’s start with the essentials of good content.

The Who, What, Where.


This is usually covered in the standard “About Us” page on your website.


Typically, a company’s product or services are the easiest descriptions of what you do.


The “Contact Us” page gives both a physical address and trade operating area. It should also let people know how you can be found online and reached by email and phone.

Now think beyond those essential items and look at these key content items. Most are things that you can start today but can take a little more depth.

Good Website Content revolves around defining the Five W's and One H - the basics of writing convert to the content basics of your website.

The Why, How and When to Provide more Depth to your Website’s Content


Your value propositions paint a really good idea of why someone should choose your company over the next closest competition.


Delivering on your value proposition can be easy or hard to fulfill depending on what it is. The point here is to prove by the basic principle that you can live up to your offering.


While most people would prefer to have all their customers buy now, many businesses can help qualify their leads and add value to customers by giving some advice they can use. It could be about what might be a better time to use your products or services

Get More Content Basics

This approach is part of the content basics series that focuses on the essential elements of any website, including how to write about pages. Following this series of tips will keep your website content is great shape!

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