How to Tweet Like a Pro and Make the Most of Twitter

by | Mar 10, 2020 | Social Media

  1. No auto posting from Instagram. These tweets might have the exact same content, but the format gets messed up. Things such as spacing with characters, size of photos, and taking only stills of videos.
  2. Include a Link on 75% of the posts. Take the opportunity to have someone click through, especially when Twitter can be one of the highest click-through opportunities since you can click in the feed (the opposite of Instagram).
  3. TEST TEST TEST. Since repetition is required, test article titles, taglines, excerpts, and see if there is a consistent style that is getting better results.
  4. Use CLICKABLE Cards. Being able to click on a link when adding a photo is limited to the blue text area only. Plus your URL takes up characters. Use a Clickable card and you’ll have the image, title, text and URL all one clickable area that increases action. There are many tools to use like 
  5. On the blog add a SUMMARY Card to the body with the takeaway that you would like the audience to share. It’s not hard to code it, but you need to tweet it first. This is one option to encourage sharing, and you can add Click to Tweet to our WordPress sites to replace any quotes in the body of a text.
  6. Collaborate and Tag by curating more content on Twitter. Use different tools (like LinkedIn’s “content suggestions” feature) to find relevant content and @ the website, writer or subject in the tweet.

Goals for Twitter

  1. Click-Through – bringing traffic from Twitter to our website
  2. Engagement – likes, comments and retweets
  3. Followers – growing the audience of any account
  4. Shares – sharing tweets from our blog on their account

Growth for Twitter is about spending time on the platform and knowing when to jump into conversations, tweeting about relevant topics and following/unfollowing to find enough of an audience that wants to grow. Having existing accounts may or may not help depending on how relevant the new account or client account is.