Why You Should Choose 323 Media as Your Marketing Team

by | Mar 31, 2020 | Marketing

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At a glance, 323 Media probably looks similar to most marketing agencies. We work with clients to help them build their brand and generate new business opportunities. 

Given that our founders have experience working in tech, marketing (client-side and agency side), design, consulting and sales though, we wanted to approach our business a little differently. We have a wide variety of skills that have proven valuable, but they all have two common elements. 

  1. We’ve spent most of our careers creating the best possible customer experiences. 
  2. Our focus has consistently been on top-line revenue and growth. 

Some people define marketing as creative or art, others see marketing as a support for sales and lead generation, but the most common response is that marketing is purely advertising. We believe it is a mix of all those activities.

  • You need a consistent brand presentation that accurately represents your company. When seen by people who are familiar with your brand, they should have a positive brand recall. 
  • You need to have strong tools to support your sales team or anyone else that interacts with your customers. It can be as simple as a properly-formatted price list or catalog to something as complex as a lead nurture system used to qualify prospects and optimize your personnel’s time. Generating leads is part of the mix and it’s more important to have a solid funnel AND advertising.
  • You will need to use advertising dollars to strategically reach your top prospects. Utilizing traditional media and digital tools, we can amplify your message and help capture leads.

One of the most difficult things was saying “no” to a lot of our own ideas. With the talent on our team, we had little doubt that we could be successful in any of the paths we explored prior to our launch. However, we find ourselves playing to our biggest strengths and focusing on content marketing, design, advertising, and strategy. 

We build amplified sales funnels.

Our origin story isn’t necessarily unique. Like many businesses, it’s born out of what we needed. We faced many of the same issues that our current clients do. We wanted to run campaigns and maximize all opportunities to get more leads – social media, PPC, content, radio, TV, print, PR, influencers – that could all be easily tracked. We could coordinate great creativity to back all of these platforms, but it felt disjointed and was difficult to manage. Our call-to-action was great, but we also knew we were missing out on conversions in traditional media because there wasn’t an immediate opportunity to convert.

As we started integrating campaigns, we found ourselves with a formula for success. A mix of best practices, great vendors, software, custom code, and a philosophy. Leave no lead stuck between first impression and conversion. Out of this, 323 Media was born.

Do you have a conversion gap?

The biggest opportunity that we see is companies that need a bridge between their advertising and converting leads. This conversion gap is usually the result of a website that hasn’t recently been updated or redesigned and an advertising budget with the vast majority going towards traditional platforms. The ads are working. The company is seeing results. But there’s more on the table. The only results are coming from those customers who are eager to act immediately. But those people might not turn into your best customers. 

Let’s build a marketing bridge.

We solve this issue by amplifying the advertising message to increase the number of impressions each prospect sees. We know it takes 19 impressions for brand recall to occur. Instead of that being the number of radio ads they hear, we focus on it being a radio ad, a mobile display ad, a Gmail promotion, and on social media and Google. We layer this with the geographic reach or distribution of the largest platform you’re working with.

This is our starting point. We get more detailed and focused after this based on your customer data and goals. We don’t hide our secret sauce. We want you to get a taste and understand how it would work for you.